What is "engrish"?

"Engrish" is a slang term for the misuse or corruption of the English language by native speakers of some East Asian languages. The term itself relates to Japanese speakers' tendency to inadvertently substitute the English phonemes "R" and "L" for one another, because the Japanese language has one alveolar consonant in place for both.

While the term may refer to spoken English, it is more often used to describe written English. Engrish can be found in many places, including signs, menus, and advertisements.

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Who We Are

We have declared war on engrish!

Our mission is to help you communicate with your audience using proper English, avoid miscommunication, wasted money, misunderstandings and possible embarrassment!

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What We Do

Be an individual, a small company, a publisher, a product manufacturer or a large organization we will ensure your English short text, signs, instructions, menus, advertisements, product descriptions and the like are properly written and convey the intended information to your audience.

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How We Do It

Our people will check and revise your short English text.

Your short English text must be no more than 20 words.

Affordable and straightforward service:

One Coin, One Day! Only 500 yen per order!

Our work will be done in one day from the time we receive your order and payment.

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